Water Fasting for Psoriasis, October 2017

I did another water fast between October 7-10. I reduced food on Saturday the 7th and fasted until the evening of Tuesday the 10th. Unfortunately, there was a glitch.

This area of California was hit by large fires and the area was blanketed in smoke. I had a lot of smoke inhalation for several days, even with air purifiers running. The stress from that was not good for me, and I didn’t see the great results that I usually do from water fasting.

My next water fast is scheduled for November 11-14, and I will post another update by then. I hope to have a forum online here by then too.

I also wanted to mention a new book I’m reading called The Keystone Approach. Check it out and let me know what you think. Based on that book, I reduced starches and added a probiotic and fish oil capsules. I’ll post a summary and review of the book soon.

Previous comments:

Cody wrote: Been reading several of your posts. I too have P and PsA. Wanted to share with you real quick what seems to work for me, I am almost symptoms free. Fasting is great and helps a lot. Dr. Furhman in his book fasting and eating for health, he is famous for fasting many patients with P and PsA for long periods, he says that he finds with people with P fast their liver enzymes often elevate and then slowly decline to normal as the fast goes on. He finds once they hit normal levels during a prolonged fast usually all P and PsA is gone and if the patient continues to eat a healthy diet the P and PsA usually do not return. 3-5 week fasts is usually what it takes, however he said fasts longer than 1 week are required to start to see significant results. If liver enzymes do not normalize during the fast usually the symptoms return even with healthy food. The keystone approach is great and helped me but also the book Plant Paradox by Dr. Gundry has really helped me a ton. His research is great and avoiding lectins has really helped me. Highly recommend it is great for all autoimmune diseases.

J wrote: I’ve read part of that book and liked some of the information. I haven’t figured out how to do a fast for that long yet though. Maybe I need to try it though. I’ll put a forum online here soon so that we can all share tips. I’ll check out Plant Paradox too.

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