Water Fast Experiment for Psoriasis, Day Two, Morning Update

This is an update on the second day of a 5+ day water fast.

Last night I tried to do some reading, but I was tired from the fast and fell asleep quickly. I think I slept about 7 12 hours.

When I woke up I was tired, but felt awake during a conversation, except for a few moments where my brain felt like it wasn’t working.

At the moment (10:49 AM) I feel fine. I’m almost through my first quart of water. I did not get a chance to test ketone levels today, but I will do that later this afternoon. Ketosis started sometime yesterday.

The last time I did a water fast, I felt terrible on the second day. This time it is much easier. I don’t really feel hunger, though when I see or smell food it looks very good.

I’m about to go out for a few hours to attend an event at a park. I will bring a pillow and possibly spend the time reading or sleeping under a tree. I am reading Fasting and Eating for Health by Joel Fuhrman.

I did feel it twinge of something strange in my left pinky this morning, but I don’t know if it is a psychosomatic reaction or mild arthritis. Overall, my condition is better than it was on the day before started the fast.

I will post more updates later.

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