Water Fast, Day One, Evening Update

It is the evening of the first day of my second water fast. I started feeling hunger by the afternoon while I was organizing a small event at a cafe.

Ketone Levels

I didn’t get a chance to measure ketone levels until about 9 PM.. The reading on the test strip was about 30 mg/dL, which is approaching the moderate range.

I may have gotten a little dehydrated  during the middle of the day, so I’m drinking more water now. I thought that it would take longer to go into ketosis, but it happened within about 24 hours of starting the fast.

Water Intake

I had 2 quarts of water in the morning, a cup of water at the cafe (maybe 12 ounces), and I’m drinking 1.5 L tonight.

The measurements are in different units, because I drink out of glass quart jars at home, but bought a bottle of water at the store.

I remove the chlorine from the water I drink, because I don’t want to kill the microbes in my gut, but the glass of water from the cafe probably had chlorine in it.

Mood and Hunger

I did feel a bit of exhaustion at the cafe, and my brain wasn’t working that well by about 5 or 6 PM. Now that I’m writing (with speech-to-text software), I am a little more alert. When fasting, I think that the exhaustion fades while one is actively doing something. When I stop doing an activity, I become exhausted, which may be a way for the body to force itself to conserve energy.

Food smells good, but I’m not extremely hungry at the moment.

The Psoriasis Wiki

I’ve started the first page in the Psoriasis Wiki — a list of stories about people who have put their psoriasis into remission. I intend to compile a lot of information about this topic in a way that my brain can process.

If you know of anyone who has put their psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis into remission, please leave a comment below, or send me an email at contact@psoriasislog.com.

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