Water Fasting, Day Four Update

I haven’t eaten anything in 101.5 hours. This update will be short, because I don’t have much time tonight.

I felt better today than yesterday, but still spent most of the day on the couch. My hips were not aching, and the nausea was much improved. I don’t have much energy, and I become out of breath rapidly if I exert myself, but it’s fine. I’m not as cold as I was over the past couple of days.

Improvement in the psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis has been amazing. I don’t know why doctors do not mention water fasting.

The ketone strips today indicate that my levels are about 80 mg/dL.

Tomorrow will be the fifth day of fast. I may go longer than five days though if I feel up to it. The improvement is so great that I may be able to clear up the plaques with a little more time. If I stop after five days, it may start coming back, and it might not be as safe for me to do another long water fast for at least a month or two.

I will try to write more tomorrow.

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