Water Fasting for Psoriasis, Day Five Update

I haven’t eaten anything in about 125 hours. I’ve been too tired to do anything on the computer today, hence the late update.

I ended up going to host a meeting for three hours this morning. I seemed to have enough energy to function sufficiently while at the meeting, but I needed a ride there and back.

I spent most of the day on the couch again.

My ketone levels are down to 40 mg/dL.

I drank about 4.2 quarts of water.

According to my original goal, I can eat tomorrow, but I think I will go one more day. That will extend the fast to about six days and 15 hours.

The results have been great so far — there is no arthritis pain, and the plaques are greatly reduced — but I don’t think that this one fast will put the condition into remission by itself.

On Friday I will begin a strict, nutrient dense, vegan diet, with calorie restriction at least two days per week.

Fresh vegetables

I know that that sounds pretty extreme, but this is a serious disease, and I want to do everything possible to try to avoid the horrible medication that was prescribed (methotrexate). It may be that I have to take the medication if my experiments don’t work, but “chemo brain” might be completely devastating for me in my line of work.

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