Updates About Fasting and Health

I had planned to go for three days on my previously-mentioned water fast, but I cut it short at about 48 hours due to feeling unwell.

I did another water fast around August 21-22, which I also stopped after about 48 hours.

My condition started getting worse earlier in August due to stress. It started reversing around the end of August.

So my condition is a little worse than it was a month ago, but now it’s improving again.

The 5:2 calorie restriction didn’t seem to be as effective as the water fasting, so I stopped that and will try fasting again towards the end of September.

Some things that I want to note

  1. I haven’t been drinking enough water for weeks. Unfortunately, I don’t feel thirst until I’m completely dehydrated (possibly related to alexithymia and autism), so I’m working on improving that. I might drink two quarts of water in a day instead of my goal of four.
  2. After being out of the sun for a week or two, I got some sun yesterday. I noticed an improvement today, so I think that sunlight helps.
  3. It’s likely that my recent high stress levels were related to the decline in my condition. My lower stress levels now are probably related to my improved condition.
  4. I don’t go on walks much any more, because I worry about needing to let my hip rest, but I did walks of about one and two miles and felt better after each. There was just a little aching in my hip later, but it wasn’t serious.
  5. I drink a cup of ginger tea every day. A friend said that his father reduced his arthritis symptoms after six months of drinking ginger tea every day.
  6. I’m trying to keep my eating within about an eight hour period each day. That results in a 16-hour fast every day. It isn’t easy to do this, but some days I am successful.
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