Starting a Five-Day Water Fast

I’ve started what I hope will be a five day water fast. I finished dinner tonight (Friday) at about 6:30 PM, and I won’t consume anything but water until Thursday morning.

I was doing alternate day calorie restriction right after the first fast, but after I saw that  the benefits of the past were fading quickly, I began to eat full meals to prepare for a longer fast.

I’ve been trying to eat the most nutrient dense food possible. There are no refined foods, sugar, caffeine, or other empty calories.

Below are some photos of some of the foods that I’ve been eating over the past couple of weeks. In some of the photos, the meals are very light on calories, because they may have been low calorie days during the alternate day calorie restriction experiment.

The pickles aren’t ready yet, though I did try some of the beet kvass earlier this evening, even though it has only been fermenting for two days. I don’t think that I will get to drink that, unless it keeps well in the refrigerator. The other pickles will start to be ready next week. Later, in another post, I will write more about what I’ve read regarding fermented foods and the immune system.

I will be blogging with updates throughout the fast over the next few days. I’m expecting that the second day will be the roughest.

Vegetable broth with amaranth seeds, vegetables, and fruit

Rice, beans, avocado, mango, strawberries

Homemade pickles: cucumbers, turnips, garlic, beet kvass

Salad with sauerkraut and fruit

Salad and soup

Vegetables, smoked salmon, and sauerkraut

Stew, sauerkraut, vegetables, and fruit

Vegetables, amaranth, blueberries

Vegetables and beans, avocado

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