Started Alternate Day Fasting

I haven’t been able to fast in a while. The fasts can knock me out for a week or two. Instead of attempting another water fast, I’ve started alternate day fasting (ADF).

I start eating at 4 pm. I eat until 4 pm the next day. Then I fast until the 4 pm comes around again.

I had tried alternate day fasting in the past, but it was too difficult to go an entire waking period without food so frequently. Switching the toggle point to 4 pm solved that problem.

When I started the fast about six days ago, my psoriasis was bad. It is now doing pretty well. I’m in a little pain, but it’s the least amount of pain I’ve had in a long time.

My diet is still restricted, but I’ve increased caloric intake on eating days. I’m hoping that I can get enough calories, since I’m already down below 150 pounds and can’t lose much more without pushing the limit of what is healthy.

I’m only six days into ADF, but I like the results so far.

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