Extreme Salad Diet and Another Water Fast

I started another water fast yesterday. I had planned to do it at the beginning of the month, so I’m three or four weeks late.

I will fast from Saturday afternoon (yesterday) until Tuesday evening. I need to start eating before Wednesday, because I have to be somewhere on Wednesday morning.

The Fast

So far, I haven’t eaten in 24 hours but am feeling okay. I think that it helps for me to drink a lot of water. I’ve had about 12 gallon of water so far and probably will reach about one gallon by the end of the day.

My Recent Eating Plan

For the past few weeks I was trying an “extreme salad” diet. When I start eating again, I will eat salads like that, but will be less strict.

I don’t think that the diet has stopped the PsA, but it may have prevented worse things. My fingernail that had been attacked recently is still growing normally, and I don’t have bad finger pain.

A salad with garbanzos

For three days before starting this fast, I ate only one (large) meal per day. That was not planned, but just how things worked out over Thanksgiving holiday where my routine was broken and I couldn’t eat other food.

Yesterday, I ate a large bowl of bibimbap which had white rice and beef in it. I am a little concerned about getting enough nutrition, so I figured that I could eat one non-strict meal (grains and meat) right before I do a fast. I had ordered brown rice, but after I sat down they told me that they didn’t have any brown rice cooked yet. It was delicious though.

My Condition

My back and neck are being affected by the psoriatic arthritis. I hope that this fast will stop that, at least for a little while.

I hope to post another update during this fast.

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