Extreme Salad Diet and Another Water Fast

I started another water fast yesterday. I had planned to do it at the beginning of the month, so I’m three or four weeks late. I will fast from Saturday afternoon (yesterday) until Tuesday evening. I need to start eating before Wednesday, because I have to be somewhere on Wednesday morning. The Fast So far, I haven’t eaten in 24 hours but am feeling okay. I think that it helps for me to drink a lot of water. Read more →

How I Stop My Psoriatic Arthritis Attacks

When I see that the psoriasis is starting an attack, I’ve been modifying my food intake. When one of my toes swelled up, I immediately started water fasting. The toe shrunk back to normal and hasn’t bothered me again. When my fingernail got attacked by psoriasis a couple of weeks ago, I immediately switched my diet to a new experiment, and it stopped (the nail has been growing healthily since then). Read more →

Another Water Fast

I had my worst attack of psoriatic arthritis recently. I began another water fast to try to stop it.

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Started Alternate Day Fasting

I haven’t been able to fast in a while. The fasts can knock me out for a week or two. Instead of attempting another water fast, I’ve started alternate day fasting (ADF).

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Taking Vitamin D

It is getting colder and rainy here in California. Because of the reduced sunlight, I’ve started taking 2,000 mg of vitamin D-3 every day. I started doing that yesterday.

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