Post Water Fast for Psoriatic Arthritis

In my most recent post about my last water fast around two weeks ago, I mentioned that I’ve been doing much better. There was little arthritis-related pain in my hands since the fast. Until today.

I’m not sure exactly what contributed to the pain. I also noticed that it has been feeling like the disease has been twisting and stiffening my back and neck over the past few days. I wonder if it’s related to having some coffee for three days in a row. I will definitely cut out the coffee again.

Another possibility is that it could be related to sleeping difficulty. I haven’t slept well since the last immune system attack. Until a couple of nights ago, I had not slept for more than 3-5 hours in a row since August. I think I slept about 6 hours each night over the past two nights, which is the most since August. I usually prefer more like 8-9 hours per night.

I suspect that it’s the coffee though. Or maybe just that a certain amount of time has passed since I fasted, and the condition is creeping back.

I will start my next water fast in about a week and will post an update about that soon.

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