Post-Fast Update

Unfortunately, the arthritis pain that had disappeared during the fast quickly came back after I started eating again. The skin psoriasis is still improved.

I don’t feel very well at the moment, and I’m not sure if I will try a fast that long again until I figure out whether I did something incorrectly.

This is what I’ve eaten today:

  • three plums from a tree
  • an apricot
  • half of a banana
  • some buckwheat groats
  • some squash and cauliflower that was cooked in a split pea soup (I will eat more of the soup over the next few days, after I get used to protein.)
  • about 1 12 homemade cucumber pickles
  • two pieces of corn on the cob, steamed
  • some of the green vegetables from this soup stock that were blended up with some raw onions and garlic

kasha / buckwheat groats

Blended green vegetables

Green split pea soup

I think that I drank over 3 quarts of water today, but I didn’t keep track closely.

Ketones levels are down to about 30 mg/dL.

During both water fasts, I’ve found myself exhausted and not feeling very well. I would like to understand why some people like water fasting. In any case, it got rid of the psoriatic arthritis pain between days three and five, and greatly reduced the severity of the skin psoriasis.

I’m exhausted now, so it’s time for bed.

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