Latest Self-experiments for Psoriasis

Quick updates:

My condition was getting worse due to stress, so I did another three-day water fast. I was only able to last until about noon on the third day, but it still helped.

I had been doing 18-hour per day fasting, where I confine my eating to a six-hour period each day, but that wasn’t helping.

I switched back to 5:2 calorie restriction, and my condition was immediately improved after the first day of just a few hundred calories, even though the weather had turned bad and usually that kind of rain makes it worse.

Another thing I did around the same time were to cut out rice. I had increased the amount of rice I was eating.

Today, I added fish back into my diet. I had 12 of a can of salmon. I will only eat small amounts of fish on the days after my calorie restriction days.

Apparently, fasting may reduce intestinal permeability for limited durations [1][2], and I’ve read elsewhere that the immune response may be due to the body’s confusion between animal proteins and human proteins. (Sorry, I don’t have a reference at the moment, but I’ll try to find one later.) My thinking is that my intestinal permeability might be reduced on days after the calorie restriction, so that’s when I have the animal protein.

I’ll write more about it when I have time.

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