How I Am Eating on My Vegan Psoriasis Diet

I finished a five day water fast a few days ago, and now I’m eating a nutrient dense vegan diet. Here’s a quick overview of what I ate today.


The Papaya

For breakfast, I started with about 200 g of ripe papaya. I ate this first and then waited 30 minutes. This is because I read an anecdotal story online about someone who cured psoriasis by eating papaya this way in the morning.

Yes, I know — random anecdotal evidence from unknown people on the Internet. When one has a condition that has no cure, and the anecdote is harmless (at worst, even beneficial), then I’m happy to try it. 🙂

The reason that I am willing to try this idea, out of all the other random, difficult to believe anecdotes online, is that papaya has properties that are good for digestion, and there probably is some link between gut flora and psoriasis.

The Smoothie

About 30 minutes after the papaya, I had a smoothie made of:

  • a banana
  • a peach
  • an apricot
  • some blueberries
  • a little bit of water

There may have been another piece of fruit in there, but I don’t remember. I think that these smoothies are too sweet, and I will change the recipe soon. A friend recommended making smoothies out of mixed greens, a little fruit, and Chia seeds, so I will try that next.

Fruit smoothie


I went out today, so I packed lunch in a small container. It contained small amounts of the following items:

  • buckwheat groats
  • puréed vegetables
  • split pea soup
  • sauerkraut
  • half of a chopped homemade pickle
  • chopped scallion, Italian parsley, and cilantro
  • three Brazil nuts
  • a little bit of  chopped avocado

Vegan lunch


I’m trying to eat a large green salad every day. I purchased three nice heads of lettuce for USD $3 at a farmers market yesterday. The salad also contained a couple of sliced radishes, a little bit of avocado, a chopped homemade pickled cucumber, a piece of chopped homemade pickled turnip, and a dressing made from tahini with lemon juice and water.

Large salad

I haven’t fully ramped up on protein intake yet, but I will be adding more legumes soon.

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