Had Some Difficulties after the Five Day Water Fast

Last night, I felt really terrible, and couldn’t fall asleep. I was feeling exhaustion and nausea.

I was worried that something might have gone wrong — perhaps that the protein from the split pea soup was putting too much pressure on my liver or something like that. I don’t know enough about human biology to have an accurate idea about what it could be.

I felt better in the morning, I decided to avoid protein for most of the day.

Psoriasis Condition

The skin psoriasis still looks much improved —  even better than after the three different topical medications they had me use. I’m even wondering if a bit of sun could clear up a lot of it, since it almost looks like clear skin through some of the patches.

I’m still feeling some pain from the psoriatic arthritis, which returned after I stopped the fast. I don’t know yet what to do about that, but I’m hoping that a strict vegan diet that is high in nutrition, and without any junk, will have beneficial effects.


For breakfast, I blended the following ingredients:

  • a banana
  • a mango
  • a plum
  • a couple of strawberries
  • maybe some other things that I’ve forgotten about

It tasted a bit too sweet for me, so maybe I should add water next time.


I also ate two ears of steamed corn that were left over from yesterday.

That might have been too much food, but I didn’t feel bad afterwards.


In the afternoon, I was at a cafe, and had to buy something, so I got a small cup of sliced fruit (melons, pineapple, etc.). Later, I got a garden salad, asking for just raw vegetables: lettuce, carrots, cabbage, and cucumbers.



In the evening, I had some buckwheat groats, with sliced homemade pickles, some of the leftover puréed greens, and some pieces of squash and cauliflower picked out of the green split pea soup. That was delicious.

Future Eating Plans

I went shopping at a farmers market and a health food store today. I’m very excited to start eating tasty food again. I found a great-looking vegan curry recipe from Psoriasis Buddy, so I bought the ingredients to make this:

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