Does the 5:2 Diet Help Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis?

I’ve read about a diet that seems to be popular in the UK called the 5:2 Diet.

Here’s what some people have to say about it:

The first story is about almost-complete remission:

I have just used Aveeno as a moisturiser, started the 5:2 and within days, noticed an improvement. This has continued over the weeks to the point where I can now where a skirt without tights, unthinkable before I started this diet. I am delighted. the angry itchy sore patch the size of a 10p is now very hard to see.

[Later] My psoriasis has all gone. …I am completely cured. I hope that you will be too. I simply noticed that there was a steady improvement over the weeks until all of the patches disappeared and stayed away.

[Later – November 8] Since starting the 5:2 in January my psoriasis has gone…completely.

It is also interesting that I had a small flare up during the month break that I had from the 5:2 (pre and post half marathon). My scalp was particularly bad then.

I usually at this time of year have large patches on my legs and arms…I have one teeny patch and that is all.

Another case of almost-complete remission:

I have noticed changes also – I have had psoriasis all my adult years – thankfully not chroniclly bad but bad enough to be irritating and embarassing at times. Since I started on the the 5:2 6 months ago it has gradully cleared up and now I am almost completely free of the horrible condition.

Another remission story:

I also have had psoriasis since age 28, small patches, but so-ooo itchy, on knees and back of neck at scalp line, with a couple of more major breakouts over the years. The last couple of days I realized it has been gone for about 3 months, along with arthritis (possibly psoriatic, I’m not sure). Kind of amazing, considering it has “no known cure”.

Oh yes, that coincides with when I started 5:2 3 months ago. I wonder what’s going on, any ideas?

Some improvement, but not in remission:

About 6 weeks ago, having lost about 1.5 stones, fed up with the lack of healing (he had some sports inflicted skin injuries that would not heal), my husband stopped taking the new drug. However, the psoriasis continued to improve. He is now maintaining his weight, doing 5:2, sometimes 6:1, but his psoriasis has not been better in 20 years. The weight loss may well be linked, and time will help us to work out how much the fast diet is tied up with this experience, but whatever it is, the results are pretty remarkable. If you have psoriasis, we would strongly urge you to give this a try!

And stories from people who say it hasn’t worked for psoriasis:

This commenter said that it didn’t help the psoriasis, that that there were other benefits:

I have mild psorasis and been on the 5 2 diet now for 6 months. Whilst I was optimistic that the diet would help, I would have to say that after 6 months the most honest thing I could say is that there is no change (good or bad).

So whilst this is disappointing, I have lost over 10kgs, bouts of sleep apnea have gone, snoring is less and I enjoy the new set of clothes I had to buy! Even feel better generally.

Another person who did not seem to have improvement:

for me psoriasis is still an an issue and given others successes, I am wondering if it there is something else in my diet causing it. What intrigued me with Stu’s experience is that being on a very controlled diet for 3-4 weeks would help answer the question for me and perhaps others.

You can read the whole discussion here. Learn more about the 5:2 Diet on the website.

Have you tried the 5:2 Diet, or other similar forms of calorie restriction, and has it had any effect on your psoriasis more psoriatic arthritis? Let’s try to find out what the success stories have in common so that we can increase the number of people who successfully put the condition into remission.

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